8 Clever Ways To Display Bathroom Wall Art
8  Clever Ways To Display Bathroom Wall Art

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Accessorizing your bathroom with wall art has always been a divisive opinion. There are a ton of wall art ideas for the living room or any other space in your room. However, bathroom wall art has always been something people spend the least time fussing about. Personally, Art is a personal affair and everybody will have a different way of approaching this. Although, displaying it in a way it enhances your interiors is the key to getting your bathroom décor or point.
Here are a few ideas that will help you display your wall art in the bathroom creatively –


8. The Creative Corner

The creative corner wall art display instantly draws your eyes towards them the moment you enter the bathroom. This would be a great idea for a guest bathroom to lead the eye towards a décor in the room rather than the plain old WC or Basin. When working with a corner display for your bathroom wall art, do not hesitate to mix small and big artworks .Try artwork that have both landscape and portrait orientations to create a collage like effect just like the picture on the right.

Moreover, working with a color scheme will instantly create a focal point and help in adding color to the bathroom with minimal budget.

If you’re looking at getting a similar look, these set of silver frames , that are very similar to the one’s in the picture would make for a great collage style bathroom corner wall décor .

7. The Annotated Bathroom Wall Art Display

Displaying personal photos or family memorabilia in the bathroom space has always been a contreversial topic. Although, the above picture has embraced this decor style in a way that makes it personal and a hall of fame of some sorts

Absolutely love the idea of painting the background with chalk paint and adding little annotations about the pictures. Personally, I would prefer something like this in a powder bathroom It is more like those bathroom graffiti you find in public spaces but without the profanity.

Functionality wise, I like the idea of having it only on the top portion of the wall and in moderation.

Lastly, I love the idea of mixing different styles of frame work . Although, I would personally choose pictures that aren’t family portraits but random images that remind you of a wonderful memory, like a sunset image you clicked on your first date with your loved one or random travel photos that bring back memories of an eventful day.

6. Landlord Approved Bathroom Wall Art Gallery

If you’re someone like me that lives in a rented apartment, you know there are a ton of landlord rules you have to follow. In that case, a simple washi tape frame with inexpensive posters double stuck on the wall would be an ideal option.

I love how budget friendly this is and how easily this could be switched up around the year. While, you could potentially go for command strips , the variety of cheap washi tapes you can find are endless. These black and white washi tapes are absolutely gorgeous and could help in achieving that minimalist look I am yearning for.

5. A Touch Of Glamour with Gold & Jeweled Tones Wall Art in Your Bathroom

While decorating your bathroom walls with art , it is important to consider the theme and style you are going for. This would determine the kind of artwork, frames and overall ambience that it could help to achieve. Think of this as an exton to your interior theme and not an accessory.

Bathrooms don’t have to be considered as a utility space only rather a space that you spend the most intimate times with yourself.
If you’re going for the dark, moody and dramatic ambience, gold , intricate frames to display the artwork helps in adding that extra bit of royalty to the moody interiors.

Personally, this can totally be done with a lighter color palette as well, but a no fail tip to get this look would be going for a jeweled color palette. Just like the picture that features the emerald green wall paint and the art deco style mirror. With the right kind of frames, having an art gallery on the mirror wall will not sound daunting either.

4. Lay Out The Rules Politely

Every house has unsaid bathroom rules

I find this idea quite beneficial for a kids bathroom as well, where the rules are simple and you’re not wasting your energy yelling out basic hygiene to your kids. This could easily work as a gentle reminder while being pun-intended if you’re going for that vibe.

This bathroom pun wall art I found on Etsy was super meaningful on a deeper level and had me smiling.

via – Kohl

3. Daily Affirmations as Wall Art

I go all out on daily affirmations while giving those little pep talks to myself. Now that I wonder, having this hung on the bathroom wall as art is such a functional idea. Especially, having these hung one of the most intimate places of the house that I no doubt would use everyday.

Keeping it to one or two affirmations should be enough, as you don’t want to have an over load of them in your bathroom. Personally, I would prefer the ones related to self care. Alternatively, if you aren’t big on words, a self care themed illustration I mentioned in this post would do the job just as much.

Another idea could be hanging a word that speaks to you. Every year, I set a theme for myself and having a definition of that hung where I can see it often would help in manifesting it. This year the word was Ukiyo and this art print is already added to my cart.

2. Make A Statement

Firstly, I’d like to confess I am a fan of a good wall art gallery. Although, when I stumbled upon this image that creates a focus in the room with one statement art, I was mesmerized.

An oversized painting on one of the walls could not only add the much needed color without much hassle but also level up the bathroom wall instantly. Moreover, this would be a great idea for a powder bathroom.

While incorporating wall art for your bathroom , do make sure you choose the frame to compliment the mirror. When going for an oversized painting in the bathroom, choosing the smaller wall would be a better option. Lastly, do make sure you hang the wall art and the mirror aligned to your door or window height.

If you loved this look, here is an amazing Crane Poster that would look equally great for the bathroom.

Oversized Wall Art of a Bird hung in the Powder Bathroom
via – Ham

1. The Minimalist Display

The most common and subtle way of introducing art to your bathroom walls, is choosing the minimalistic display.

This means going for a fairly neutral and modern art frame that isn’t the focal point but only accentuates your bare walls.

Plain black frames paired with just one or a couple similar paintings in a neutral palette do the job just as well.

Minimalist Bathroom Wall Art
via – Mcgee

To conclude, incorporating art to your bathroom art is only the first step towards enhancing your bathroom décor. This is also a crucial step in creating a focus in the space and shouldn’t be overlooked. In other words, you could have an elaborate art gallery display or statement art featured. The art could be instructional or around a particular theme. Moreover, decorating your bathroom walls with art will help in creating a harmonious flow in your desired interior style without breaking the bank.
I hope I have left you with some design inspiration to upgrade your bathroom space.
Furthermore, you could check more such bathroom interior tips here. You could also reach out to me for any design dilemma you have and I’ll help you work through it. Feel free to

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