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– A destination for those struggling to create functional yet aesthetically pleasing interiors , of course within budget and time constraints.
You want your home to be on trend, inviting , and a space that gives a sense of solace from the outside world? Design Aesthete caters to your personalized needs while creating Pinterest worthy interiors. After all, what’s the point in an elegantly designed coffee table that is neither proportionate to your couch nor aligns with your lifestyle. And if by chance, you have a glass top coffee table with sharp edges in a house inhabited with kids… praise the lord for keeping them away from uncalled accidents…so far!


Aesthete ( noun) – a person who is appreciative of and sensitive to art and beauty.

Hi! I am Monica, the human behind the brand – Design Aesthete . Also, an Interior Designer by profession since 2015. My diverse professional experience in the Residential, Commercial , Retail and Hospitality Sector has helped me gain in depth technical knowledge that help making a space functional and appealing at the same time. I am currently working as a Interior Designer for a Commercial Design Firm in Yorkshire, UK. But you shall quickly realize I am obsessed with all things interior. I encourage this obsession as an interior blogger and stylist that specifically focuses on residential spaces. Over the years, I have worked as a Color and Décor Consultant for Paint and Furniture Brands along with successfully completing several turnkey interiors.

Monica Shastri Interior Designer In UK

With my design expertise, I aim at elevating your personal style and add wings to your design dreams ultimately helping you live in a timeless and beautiful home. I describe my style as “Eclectic – that mixes the old with the new” . An Interior that is difficult to date , versatile enough to adapt with changing trends and is full of personality. I also suffer from chronic wanderlust and often drawn towards homes that are filled with objects, patterns, textures, and colors inspired by cultures from around the world. I like to call it – Eclectic Nomad.

Here’s what my clients say about working with me…

We had a great experience with Monica when we renovated our place in Mumbai, she is very detail oriented and has significant expertise in project execution. She is very reliable, was reachable at all times and made our experience seamless.

– Mithil , 2 Bedroom Apartment.

Her strengths starts with being a great listener, great clarity of thought, firm with recommendations, astute technical knowledge, brilliant with colors and décor ideas. Cheerful and patient and efficient follow-ups.

Agith, 3 Bedroom Apartment

I had the opportunity to interact extensively with Monica on a restaurant interior design project. During these interactions, she came out as a professional with a high level determination to solve any problem whatsoever. She is honest, forthright and very approachable. She is soft spoken, has a clear thought process and is confident about her actions. Such traits make it a pleasure to work with her. I would strongly recommend Monica and would be delighted to work with her in the future.

– Nikhil , Little West Pizza Cafe

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Monica. We were looking out for an interior designer who could help us with the décor of our bespoke menswear store and a common friend recommended Monica. We conveyed our vision and what the feel of the store should be to her and from there, the way she broke the whole process with such clarity on things we were blown away. She listened carefully to us and made sure she understood what we wanted and came back to us with fabulous improvisations. Monica made the whole process simple for us till the extent it couldn’t be simplified.

Pinank, Sans & Co Men’s Boutique


Design Notes is a creative outlet that lets me nerd about all sorts of design details and trends while providing you with an informative, inspiring resource overflowing with design ideas and actionable tips to achieve the home of your dreams. In here, I catalog design notes and lessons collected through experience and learning the hard way so you don’t have to be overwhelmed with potential regrets. Additionally, I am also never not looking for sustainable and eco-friendly interior solutions . Thus, began the blog adventure channeled through the blog series – “Sustainable Interiors”. This has quickly extended into exploring ethical and fair trade interior solutions as well. It focuses on letting you in on natural and organic furniture and home décor along with educating you on natural materials and finishes. I also do my bit by encouraging you to recycle, reuse and reduce your carbon footprint without compromising on the aesthetic value of your space.

Lastly, I hope you do enjoy on here and visit again. Meanwhile, I would love to hear about your design journey and recent design obsessions at designaestheteblog@gmail.com.

Until Next Time,