Black Culture & Beauty : Art by Aislinn Finnegan

Art has always been one of the main components of decor for bringing a space together. Similarly, a lot of Interior Spaces have been based around a piece of art in mind. In other words, It can not only bring personality but also instantly transform your space depending on the kind of art you choose to feature. Likewise, artwork could be inherited, commissioned or purchased as something that resonates with you. Certainly, artwork is a personal affair even though it’s always tricky to find art. Especially finding something that is accessible and has aesthetics that match yours. Aislinn Finnegan contributes to the Art Industry with her colorful illustrations of Female Portraits that celebrate the beauty of black women in particular.

THE ARTIST: Aislinn Finnegan

Aislinn is a Northern-Irish/Zambian illustrator based in London whose work focuses on the concepts of identity, femininity and race. Currently, she is studying History of Art at The School of Oriental and African Studies, and spends her time exploring the university library and visiting various contemporary exhibitions that include artists of the African diaspora.
Along with an Afro-futurist approach, Aislinn puts Black women at the forefront, in an effort to normalize Black representation in the art world, while also challenging conventional ‘Western’ standards of beauty and aesthetics.


Self care Artwork - Aislinn Finnegan

My favorite piece of art by her is SELF CARE. Personally, I find this perfect for a bathroom space. This piece is on self-love and self-compassion and the importance of taking care of oneself in any way you can. To proudly accept and celebrate your beauty and true self.

Subsequently, her artworks are rich in color that can add a bright color palette to any space instantly. Moreover these are available as Giclee prints in multiple sizes that makes it an easy consideration for wall art. Finally, for the framing I would prefer something a bit more ornate than the one shown to give them the attention and importance it deserves.

My Crown
My Crown

This piece looks at the versatility and different hairstyles of afro hair. Wearing afro hair with pride and as a crown.

Jasmine - Illustrations by Aislinn Finnegan

Aislinn’s illustrations focus on concepts of race, identity, and femininity in an attempt to disseminate and celebrate aspects of black culture and beauty in a world dominated by “Western” concepts and aesthetics.

Mother & Child
Mother & Child

This piece is inspired by Zulu adornments. A look at the nurturing relationship between mother and child, showing strength and beauty.

In conclusion, the Afro-futurist illustrations that feature both modern and cultural aspects is best defined as “a way of imagining possible futures through a black cultural lens”, quoted by Ingrid LaFleur. The illustrations are uplifting and could be a great addition for the art collection. Precisely, a good gift to give a boss women of color.

You can follow more of her art work here!

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