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Hello and Welcome! I hope you had an amazing holiday with your family and friends and a good start to the new year over all. Me? I am so glad that New Year found it’s way to the weekend this year. I managed to sneak in some quality time with family before I get into the hustle bustle of projects in the upcoming months. Any who, enough of me rambling and let’s get on to the blog post. Today we are focusing on bold accents in your spaces.
No wait, before that I’d like to make an announcement. I am starting a new series on my blog called “Design Notes” , published every Monday.. This would mainly be inspiration I find and notes I make throughout the week. It is broken down in three segments to bring in some structure into my life.

The first segment – “Sustainable x Space” segment. features spaces or products that will help you be a conscious dweller.
The second segment is called “Objects Of Desire” inspired from the tons of design magazines I read. In here you will find a few products mainly based around a theme to spruce up your space.
The last segment is called – “Simply Stunning Spaces”, where I talk you through a few stunning spaces I loved recently.
And that’s it! So without further ado let’s see what caught my eye last week. 🙂

Sustainable x Bathroom DĂ©cor

Turquoise soap dish and tooth brush holder made with recycled glass
Turquoise Colour Soap Dish and Glass , handmade in Burma from recycled glass.

The Turquoise Colour Soap Dish is handmade from recycled glass in Burma and pairs up with this toothbrush glass holder from the same collection. I choose to feature this not only for its sustainability but also for how affordable both these products are. Especially since, I know new year is always the time where most of us are trying to get back in control of our money after the excess spend over the holidays.

Turquoise soap dish amade with recycled glass
Turquoise tooth brush holder made with recycled glass


Talking about bold accents, the color black is a classic example of going bold and adding drama to your spaces

A  balloon shaped vase in black as an accent colour
Go bold with a black accented bench in your hallway
A Cork and Ceramic black candle
Bold  geometric patterned accent chair



A Timeless and Chic color that fits in any space effortlessly.

Black and White doodle wallpaper for the accent wall
Black Oak Chopping Board
Black Terracotta Salt and Pepper Set
Black and White Cushion made with recycled cotton

1. The balloon shaped Black Vase is from Philippines and made from Terracotta. Off late, I am obsessing over odd shaped vases and this one brings with it some character to find a home in a minimalist neutral interior.

2. The Black Wooden Bench with a hand woven wicker seat is absolutely stunning and functional to go in a narrow hallway , especially since it features rounded corners and I am one of those people that keeps running into furniture when I am in a hurry.

3. I love candles, something about the ritual of coming home , having a nice bath and lighting a scented candle helps me unwind and relax after a long day. I can easily go through 4 – 6 candles in a month , which means I am constantly on the search for something that is sustainable and the jars are reusable. This eco friendly ceramic candle holder can be cleaned out and used as a tumblr to pour in your favourite beverage once you finish enjoying the candle. How cool is that!

4. This bold patterned geometric chair would be an excellent addition to a mid century living room. I absolute adore the geometric patterned upholstery on this one.

5. Abstract doodle wallpapers are quite a thing right now, and this black and white wallpaper made in the UK with water based ink on FSC certified paper has caught my eye.

6. And finally for the Kitchen, here is a black oak chopping board made with sustainably sourced ebonite’s oak. It’s free from dyes and any wood stain and is food safe. On an after thought, this would have been an amazing Christmas gift or a House Warming Gift especially with it being the classic black color.

7. Another classic black decor perfect as a gift would be this terracotta salt and pepper set. This is handmade and brings in a very rustic vibe to the space.

8. This textured geometric Black and White Cushion is handmade using recycled cotton. Likewise, it can instantly elevate a space featuring black accents

Simply Stunning Spaces with Bold Accents

Since, we are talking about how Black Interiors can be chic and timeless, below is Interior Designer – Justin Charette’s living room at his NYC apartment. He chose to use black and white as his base palette as he feels it would be easier to change and adapt should he wish to add any meaningful touches of colour to his space. See what I told you about Black being so versatile and classic. Especially when it comes to adding bold accents to your Interiors. Also, how chic is that leather sofa paired up with the glass coffee table with stainless steel frames! I am drawn to the gorgeous beaded black bowl, but couldn’t find an exact match. Although, here is a teal green similar looking serving bowl that looks equally chic.

A bold accent sofa in a black and white living room

Keeping to the theme of bold accent seating contrasting white walls, below is a luxe dining area with velvet blue banquette seating paired with wicker chairs and sea green granite table top. I love this for the different textures that are mixed and matched to create a luxurious coastal home vibe. I would be tempted to have a walnut wooden wall art above the bench seating which would add in another layer of texture and character to the space . Although , absolutely adore the simplicity of the stone wall as well.

Blue as an accent colour to create a bold statement in your dining area

Next up is a living room featuring a stone textured accent wall in black. Honestly, this bold accented wall and ceiling combo adds in so much drama to the velvet sofas. The matte black ceiling design is adorned with a ceiling rose painted in the same color that draws your eye to the modern gold pendant lamp. Also don’t skip the detailing in this room! The black Aztec patterned rug has a red fringed trim that pairs up well with the cream throw cushion on the sofa. On the other hand the artwork cleverly reflects the colors in the room. I found this amazing Dark Emperador Marble side table , if you are looking to go for a similar look in your living room.

Black walls and ceilings for a dramatic bold accent

And since we are on the topic of painted ceilings, here is a soft pink bedroom ceiling complimenting the pink chest of drawers. The black framed artwork works as a great accent color in the space.

Go bold with pink painted ceiling in a bedroom

And finally to the last picture of the week! I love this for its simple yet intricate two toned detailing. The ceiling is painted in an accent colour of maroon featuring a ornamental cornice ceiling design paired with a pastel red side table. The concrete grey flooring is slightly darker than then the grey rug which brings in some pattern into the space. The two tones of the sofa and the half painted walls ties up the whole colour scheme cleverly. Besides, the face side table adds in some quirk to the space . I found this black side table , if you’re on the lookout for something similar.


So on that note I shall head to scheduling the next post where I talk about sustainable cushions covers. I hope you have found some inspiration for your own spaces from this post. I certainly have!

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