Fall Interior Tips with Pantone’s Autumn Colors 2020
Fall Interior Tips with Pantone’s Autumn Colors 2020

Ever since moving to UK, I have fallen in love with Autumn. The beauty of nature, hot drinks and the fuzzy socks weather! Autumn also represents the idea of celebrating change – the tree leaves changing color, the temperature grows colder, plants stop making food, animals prepare for the long months ahead, and the daylight starts growing shorter.Consequently,I would like to share my fall interior tips and spaces inspired by Pantone’s Autumn/Winter 2020/2021 London Colour Palette.


It’s not a secret that Fashion influences Interior Design Trends and vice versa. Now of course, fashion trends are more fleeting and we tend to have a longer span of change when it comes to Interiors. Likewise, if you are someone that forever leans towards the dark, moody and bold interiors that give the fall vibe or just want to do a quick switch up in your existing decor,here are a few of my personal notes on design inspiration I take from Fashion as an Interior Designer.


Mandarin Red, Samba and Burnt Henna fabrics for dressmaking
Pantone | Pantone red, Pantone color, Pantone orange

An amplified and provocative orange-infused red tone, Mandarin Red is a dynamic force.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1389853225NY5.jpg
Image Source : Jay Jeffers

The dining room above with it’s red lacquered walls and over sized artwork brings in such a dramatic vibe overall. I absolutely loved the lighting suspended from the gold color ceiling as well that definitely adds a touch of royalty to the space. Moreover, the easiest way of making a room look dark and moody is painting the largest wall in your room with a dark shade, making sure the room gets enough natural light.

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Similarly, you could also experiment with Red Oxide flooring throughout the house just like this one. It is one of the affordable classic heritage flooring option that you can use if you want to go for something vintage inspired and occasionally switch up your decor to a fall theme.

Salón clásico contemporáneo
Image Source : Beatriz Silveira

Finally, when it comes to bold colors , I usually prefer the occasional statement pieces that instantly bring life to a not so neutral palette. In the above picture, the sofa and the chair both are statement pieces while the room as a whole is fairly neutral, making the colors stand out even more.

SAMBA | Go All Out

Wa4 Gr2 Ma0.5 On non-superwash Wa6 Gr3 Ma0.75 in 2020 | Pantone swatches,  Pantone red, Pantone colour palettes

A voluptuous sultry red, Samba introduces an upbeat energy.

Mandarin Red, Samba and Burnt Henna fabrics for dressmaking

When you’re going with a bold color, going all out may seem risky but totally worth it if done right. Additionally, to make sure you succeed start out with one complimentary color and a neutral shade just like the image above. Alternatively, you could use different shades and textures to add some depth and character to the space. Personally, I prefer doing this in a larger space but if you’re looking at getting this done in a much smaller space you might want to consider lacquered finish walls that will help in reflecting light and adding some character.


Pin by PANTONE COLOR FILES on BLUES | Pantone 19-40 | Pantone blue, Pantone  colour palettes, Classic blue pantone

A definitive and reliable blue hue, True Blue is constant and ever faithful.

Y/Project Fall 2020 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show in 2020 | Fashion, Ready to  wear, Fashion week
Monochrome blue Interior
Image Source : Vogue Living Australia

I am mainly into neutral color schemes. However, it can get quite dramatic with the right hues and textures just like the picture above. This one gives me the perfect winter vibe. While working with monochromatic moody rooms, texture can play a major role in bringing the room to life. Also,absolutely love the velvet sofa and colored glass coffee tables

Art Bowl - by JULY®, July Adrichem, Night Blue (dia 120cm.)
Image Source : July Adrichem
Palm Beach home dining room Lee Mindel

But, Statement Pieces in bold colors are my favorite as you can create a focal point in any space so easily. Also, so easy to switch it up when you want to keep up with the color trends. Isn’t that just perfect? If you tend to lean towards the neutral shades, the basic tip is to treat your self with a over sized wall art in a bold color to bring your room some drama this fall and blue is going to be the safest color to do so.

EXUBERANCE | Statement Pieces

Pantone Exuberance in 2020 | Pantone color chart, Pantone colour palettes,  Pantone

A good natured and expansive orange shade, Exuberance conveys a message of spontaneity and happiness.

7 Fall 2020 Color Trends From The Runways To Start Shopping For Now
Annie Sloan recommends going all out and layering pinks with oranges (pink on walls, Antoinette; pink on floor, Scandinavian Pink - styled by Marianne Cotterill)
Image Source : Pink House

I am not a fan of Orange walls. But, a half wall with the right shades of pink can be so refreshing. Also, Orange was an expected color in the Pantone’s Color Palette for Autumn, as it gives the ultimate fall vibes for me. While there are many fall interior tips that revolve around this color, the most common being dining table settings, it’s hard to find something that can easily compliment your decor throughout the year or more so have a more versatile use.

Image Source : Houzz

Similarly,making a statement in your kitchen, could be easily done by switching up your kitchen appliances to a bright color. Who better than SMEG to go for when it comes to making a bold statement in your kitchen.


Pantone Military Olive | Pantone color, Pantone colour palettes, Brown  pantone

Military Olive is a strong and stalwart green tone imbued with a rich narrative.

sacai Fall/Winter 2020 Collection Runway Paris Fashion Week | HYPEBEAST

Firstly, the kitchen above is all the aesthetic I yearn for in my kitchen someday. Secondly, I love the look of painted cabinets and the dark wood along with those brass kitchen knobs. Finally, the white doors and the off white walls bring in such a contrast to the space. Even more, the white subway tiles used as a back splash.
Above all, I love how the 2020 fall fashion color trend has such variety. You have bright bold colors and the dark neutral shades to choose from.


When it comes to colors like Military Olive, you could paint just one wall as a feature and it will bring in that mood to the entire room. Also,how beautiful is that velvet sofa in the above picture. Likewise,this is a perfect shade to go for if you want to stick to the neutrals this fall.

CELERY | Decor & Accessories

Pantone Celery | Pantone colour palettes, Yellow pantone, Pantone color

Botanical in feeling, Celery is a vital yellow green that reflects the natural freshness of nature.

Pantone Picks an Optimistic Color Palette for London Fashion Week –  Sourcing Journal
Full length shutters with solid lower panels, The Shutter Store

Firstly, if you stick to neutral hues and want to work with bold colors, you won’t know where to start. Thus,my fail proof interior tip for you is injecting these colors into your space with the help of fall decor and accessories, and slowly moving towards pairing it up with a statement furniture. Besides, this helps massively when you want to experiment before going all out with a bold color scheme. Just like the picture below, this yellow green shade compliments the otherwise grey interior perfectly. Also, how easy this is going to be to switch up over the seasons.


Pantone Ultramarine Green | Pantone swatches, Pantone green, Pantone colour  palettes

Ultramarine Green, a deep cooling blue-green, exudes self-assurance and poise.

The Top Trending Fashion Colors for 2020 - L'Officiel

Before anything else, let me tell you that I love the instant drama black flooring brings to a space. Overall, Ultramarine green is my favorite color out of all. Also,look how sophisticated it looks with a black and white interior.

Emerald Green Lacquer Lacquered Walls Livia Mucchi Roberto Lioni Ark Pad

However, adding bold colors on your wall would not disappoint if its a lacquered finish. Especially, in small rooms. Besides, how beautiful is the peacock color scheme in the above picture

Likewise, this one is the same restaurant that you seen above in the images featured for the color – SAMBA. How pretty are those green stained wooden panels. Again,the use of texture and pattern while going monochrome is absolutely essential.


Pantone Strong Blue | Pantone blue, Pantone colour palettes, Classic blue  pantone

The red undertone we see in Strong Blue injects vibrancy into this confident blue shade.

sacai Fall/Winter 2020 Collection Runway Paris Fashion Week | HYPEBEAST
colour + shape | Interior Design Studio | Cambridge.jpg
Image Source : Colour and Shape
A graphic Anna Spiro wallpaper and jewel-like mirror from Bungalow 5 combine to dazzling effect in the entryway.
Image Source : Lonny
Print Lounge restaurant home descor
Image Source: Cass Calder Smith

In addition to complimentary colors, one bold and bright color paired up with white or a wood tone can equally work wonders. Especially in areas like a kitchen or a hallway just like in the pictures above. The blue kitchen knob on white cabinets would be one of the many pocket friendly fall interior tips when it comes to experimenting with your design style this season.


pantone burnt henna - Google Search in 2020 | Pantone colour palettes,  Pantone color chart, Pantone color

A robust red shade, Burnt Henna combines heartiness with sophisticated earthiness.

Mandarin Red, Samba and Burnt Henna fabrics for dressmaking

A Brick Floor Feature for a porch could add that instant farmhouse feel to your house, But these pictures show how well they go even in the interior spaces of your house. Besides, you could also go for some red terracotta tiles just like in the restaurant below. Of course, the sky blue tiles are a good compliment as well.

Photo by Nicole Franzen

Furthermore, if you love the Industrial look or live in a loft style apartment , a brick feature wall would do the job. Again, this can lean towards a much neutral palette and still be quite dark and moody.


Pantone Tawny Birch | Pantone colour palettes, Pantone color, Pantone

A rugged and woodsy tan shade evocative of rustic nature.

Camel beige and earthy tones fabrics for dressmaking
Image Source : Bed Threads

Finally, the Tawny Birch which again falls under a much neutral palette could be a good addition to your bathroom walls. If you are not looking at a full remodel right now, try painting the bathroom in this shade just like the picture in the bottom left, maybe not mint WC for the purpose of timeless appeal but mint bathroom accessories could be an easier switch.

designed by luumo

To conclude, incorporating fall colors is all about finding the right balance. In other words, work with complimentary colors, work on creating a statement or go all out, ultimately the choice is yours. Also,I hope I have left you with some design inspiration and fall interior tips that you can incorporate in your home. Furthermore, you could check more such interior color advice here or reach out to me for any design dilemma you have and I’ll help you work through it. 😀

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