Georgian Style Studio Apartment In Edinburgh
Georgian Style Studio Apartment In Edinburgh

Modern Georgian Style Interior Design features window headers, high ceiling, symmetrical and equidistant windows and classic ornate furniture to a contrast of a neutral color scheme, modern art and light features. In this Studio Apartment family portraits and heirlooms happily coexist with works of modern art that features the “Old Meets New” concept of design that has become a growing interior trend.

Old Meets New In This Modern Georgian Style Interior

Old Meets New is now the go to slogan when it comes to Interiors. Off late, even slow fashion has made a come back that seems more like a conscious step towards environment sustainability.
In my opinion, Interior Design has always played a massive role in revamping the old with the new and this dance of balancing the classics with the contemporary is a rather tried and tested element that never disappoints. Who doesn’t like a space with a bit of history, character and an ultimate fuel to spark a conversation during family gatherings?
Today this concept serves as an anchor allowing maximum diversity and eclecticism.

Living Room featuring Georgian Style Furniture & Classic Art Prints

living room fireplace and georgian art frames

To be honest this living room is tiny. However, easily overlooked by its extensive and rich collection of art and books from the Victorian era. The intricate antique gold frames and wall panels not only add character to the space but make it cozy enough to either read a book or just grab a glass of wine and admire the space around. In my opinion, the perfect Hygge ambiance isn’t it?

living room georgian styled sofa

Parquet Flooring is by far the classic way of adding pattern to your floors. The Herringbone Pattern which is indeed quite a popular wood pattern flooring continuing to the open kitchen and dining space helps in making the space visually spacious.

georgian styled living room
classic sofa detail

Styling a Georgian Style Interior with modern elements can be a tricky. But this apartment does it well. The Classic Sofa is styled with modern side tables and I absolutely love how nothing in the picture seems out of place.

I am guessing the shelf above the vintage cabinetry was an after thought which is a nice way of using empty space above. Even though a narrow living room, the art prints are considerably big . On a second thought, a gallery of tiny ones would look a bit too over crowded and cluttered.

Kitchen & Dining featuring Georgian Style Architecture

white kitchen
Georgian inspired  dining room

Loved the combination of light and dark wood that runs throughout the open floor plan. The contrasting wood finishes and artwork style paired with window headers and crown moldings along with the ceiling high symmetrical windows is a subtle eclectic transition that celebrates the old with the new perfectly.
Found a similar reclaimed wood dining table and a similar chandelier that are both cheap and cheerful.

symmetrical windows featuring georgian architecture

antique gold frame

I am guessing the dining chairs are a family heirloom or flea market find but you can find similar french country styled chairs here.
Absolutely loved how much thought is put into mixing and matching the photo frames, and the art that compliments exceptionally well with the color scheme.
Source similar style photo frames here.


bathroom white door

This Twin Robe Brass Hook is such a tiny detail that goes perfectly well with the antique gold mirror. (source similar). Also found this Georgian scroll door handle and Magnetic Door Holder finished in Brass that would be a good addition if you’re considering to recreate this look.
Although,what makes this bathroom really interesting is its curated art work. Bathroom Art Galleries are such a fun way to reiterate the design theme and truly personalize your space. Isn’t it?


box bedroom oak panel

The bedroom is a box shaped cabin behind the bookshelf. The Oak Paneled walls make it even more warm and welcoming to snuggle with a book inside. Doesn’t it?
In fact, I loved how minimalist this is even with its soft furnishing.

box bedroom

This studio apartment in Edinburgh is an absolute delight for modern classic lovers like me..
Good news is – This apartment in the oldest part of the city, close to the castle is listed on Airbnb. *heart eyes*

If you loved this space, and want to be inspired more. Check out other such design tours and interior design tips on the blog.

Photos via – airbnb

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