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Welcome to the first post in a monthly series.
On My Radar is going to be a round up post of new things that catch my eye in the world of Interiors. I am guilty of having a long list of design concepts, materials, or styles that play a major role in delivering my design projects. Even though that comes with the job of being an Interior Designer, I thought it would be nice to share my findings with you. So, without any further ado, let’s talk about Mosaic Tiles, Wall Panels & Marble Mosaic Flooring.

On My Radar : Marble Mosaic Flooring, Cement Tiles & Wooden Panels.

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1. Mosaic Factory

When I see gorgeous bold patterned walls and flooring, they usually end up being cement tiles. The cement tile trend lets you turn your flooring or wall into a masterpiece as it’s not only customizable but also equally durable and sustainable. I recently discovered Mosaic Factory, a manufacturer of bespoke cement tiles for floors and walls and have been obsessed ever since.
Their collection includes a total of four customizable types of products that have a vast selection of patterns, sizes and colors.


Mosaic Cement covers styles that range from Antique, Baroque & Art Nouveau to the 1940’s or Pop. They also feature a ton of modern patterns designed by their in-house team and collaborations with renowned designers. The website also has a simulator that helps to customize different patterns and colors and visualize how it looks when it all comes together. An excellent feature for me!

mosaic factory cement tile installation in a restaurant
mosaic factory cement tiles


My most favorite collection of all is the MOSAIC Terazzo. Terazzo is a versatile material seen in tiles, slabs, work surfaces and objects. These are created by mixing pieces of marble, metal or glass with cement or resin. After pouring and hardening, the Terrazzo is polished to release the beauty of the decorative elements. Although, Terazzo flooring has always been on the expensive side. Needless to say, this is equally durable and can be re-polished.


MOSAIC Granito , a factory polished tile is created by mixing pigmented cement with fine glass or marble aggregates. Granito is ideal for creating patterned tiles and also larger slabs. This can easily be used in high traffic areas as it is a resistant and a hard-wearing flooring. And the best part, this can be re-polished.


MOSAIC Zellinge is a tile with oriental origins that is famous for the richness of its colors and endless decorative combinations. The tiles are individually handcrafted from a clay biscuit that is kiln fired before being glazed and cut to size. Zellinge is glossy due to it’s glazed finish and the color shades totally give me that Moroccan vibe.

2. Wooden Wall Panels

YOURFOREST is a Ukraine brand that caught my attention. The 3D wooden panels are made of solid wood and can be installed on both walls and furniture. It is modern and instantly adds that much needed texture in neutral interiors. Precisely, I find the pixel and the honey comb collection the best. This can be made in oak, ash and maple and is then lacquered for a suitable finish.

3. Mosaic Marbles.

Devon & Devon have an exclusive collection of handcrafted floorings and wall coverings that reinterprets the great traditional art of mosaic in a contemporary style. Also, the combination of precious marbles with contrasting colors that generates sophisticated geometric patterns is absolutely stunning. Marble has always been a go to material for that luxurious “oomph factor” and these chromatic variations has just made it even more convincing for me

marble flooring in bathroom

And that’s it! For today…
You can look out for new interior design stuff on my radar every first Monday of the month. Check more such posts in the future under the series : On My Radar

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